Blockchain stands as one of the greatest success since the advent of technology. The success of this technology has touched everyone’s life positively in one way or the other, many startups with fantastic ideas has utilized the functionalities of this technology to gather investments for themselves in order to bring their dreams to reality. However, there is a need to service a car in order to keep the car working efficiently, the same thing is applicable to the blockchain technology there is a need to constantly Improve the technology so that the technology can serve its users better. Therefore, VIBEO( has emerged to create an instant messaging app that allows access to global ledger economy and community.

Vibeo is a platform that provides a messaging app with the use of the blockchain technology. This app is to enable its users to access a worldwide ledger economy and community. The participants are also allowed to send and receive tokens from their personal wallet to the e-wallet that is integrated within the application provided by vibeo network. This app can also be used by the users to carry out ledger transactions such as exchanges within the ledger community of Vibeo users. The mode of payment within Vibeo network will be via crypto-currencies in order to further Improve the acceptance of the ledger system. Users can benefit from the advantage of exchanging crypto assets for goods and services with different merchants within the Vibeo community.

Vibeo( offers a more fantastic mode of communication between friends and loved ones. Unlike the traditional messaging app, this app will provide much more functions with advance location Integration that provides updates when traveling to selected loved ones or groups, currency transfer from one users to another and the establishment of a community that major on a ledger economy with the use of ledger currencies to make transactions and where token gives the users control over the improvements of the platform.

As a result of an increase in the utilization of smartphones worldwide, and the continuous increase in the usage of desktop, there has been a great increase in the numbers of public social media networks that are gradually moving towards the use of micro_network to carry out their operational communication. This is because people have accepted messenger apps as their primary means of digital communication and this is what leads to the concept of a messaging app with the novel portals for economic transactions.

It is obvious that, as of today, the mobile messaging apps now have more users compared to the web social networks, this is because people spens most of their time on apps especially the social-related apps than they spend on other platforms. This has also opened up to an idea to create a messenger app that functions beyond global conversations but to communities of sub-cultures, economy and trends thrive.

Although the app provides by Vibeo( has not yet been known from all around the world but there is a high possibility that this app will become the best instant messaging app to come on the market. This is because the features of this app will attract people to stay safe and connected always.

Video-call~ this feature can be utilized by the users to make direct or conference video call with a maximum of three people to share a screen.

Chat~ this app allows upgraded chat with an offline message, online notification, sharing of someones area , capacity to create a group_chat and manage_history and also ability to send all sorts of files such as picture, mp4, and other files.

This app also gives way for a mini time-line interface to display pictures by uploading it, writing of articles and sharing them with anybody you desire.

Geo~location- will be used by users to reveal their identity and this can be done in their various app_settings.

Map~ this feature will enable users to detect their friends and family, whether nearby or far. This can also be used to locate traders that accept crypto of interest.

In conclusion,

VIBEO( provides a token sale for all individuals and other entities. 35% of the fund generated will be used for core development and 40% will be committed for marketing the application provided by this awesome platform and finally, 5% of the token will be used to address all legal commitment. I encourage everyone to thereby invest in this project because I am sure that this project will definitely thrive. Cheers.

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