How StartFi is Redesigning the Digital Asset Monetization Market

It is no news that making money online is now possible, thanks to the innovative measures rolled out in recent years.

The cryptocurrency market is continually evolving and introducing newer strategies that make it one of the most competitive financial markets in the world.

At the same time, the era of monetizing digital assets has been taken to newer heights with the introduction of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

It will interest you to know that there is a new platform designed to make NFTs more enticing. …

Getart – The NFT Marketplace with Promising Features

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital tokens used for tokenizing digital arts. The ongoing NFT trend has created lots of opportunities for artists because they can now receive payments commensurate to the efforts they put.

There are now several platforms offering a globalized marketplace for NFTs. One of such platforms is Getart.

One of the features I like the most about Getart is that it built a digital marketplace that accommodates the interests of most of the users.

As an artist, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the incredible offer of using…

How to Compound Your Crypto Assets Using Merlin Vaults:

Making money from cryptocurrency is not only limited to trading different crypto assets. Sometimes, you want to invest long-term in some coins that have huge potentials. One of the ways to go about this is to compound the interests you make from such coins.

Currently, there are only a few platforms that empower you to compound your crypto assets. These platforms help you to get the most out of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem by leveraging the unique aggregators to triple the worth of your crypto assets.

In this article, I…

Bitop – The Leading Cryptocurrency CFD Trading Platform

Are you looking for a cryptocurrency CFD trading platform? Well, look no further because Bitop is here to help you get the most out of cryptocurrency CFD trading.

In this article, you will learn more about how you can use this cryptocurrency CFD trading platform to maximize your cryptocurrency trading activities.

Breeze Coin – The Cryptocurrency that Suits Your Lifestyle

Breeze Coin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project and crypto coin that wants to help you live an improved lifestyle. Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have proven that digital assets can be used for a wide range of purposes.

The only difference between cryptocurrencies and fiat/physical currencies is the real-world applications. It has been a long time coming, as it is now hard to use cryptocurrencies in real life.

If the global adoption of cryptocurrencies must be actualized, it is important to start now to work towards that. …

Customer Satisfaction: How the Base Reward Ecosystem is Empowers the Users to have a say in a Unified Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

It is often said that “customers are kings” as far as business transactions are concerned. One would then wonder why the same customers would be sidelined in some cases. Notably, users or customers of a business in a decentralized system are not always carried along. Instead, a bulk of the decision-making processes are centralized and left for only the stakeholders to decide on the steps to take.

Our position at Base Reward ecosystem is to empower customers or participants in…

$100x Token – A Deflationary Community Coin Built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the hotbed for many revolutionary projects in the crypto-sphere. BSC is a revolutionary blockchain network that seeks to offer better features that are missing on other blockchains, especially the Ethereum blockchain network.

Grandle FinanceThe DeFi Project that Bolsters Cross-Chain Transactions via the Binance Smart Chain

Cross-chain transactions are not one of the easiest things to do on blockchain networks. One would expect that blockchain technology could have made it simpler for orders to be confirmed irrespective of the blockchain network that is used.

Since that is not the case, I am pleased to introduce a project that will disrupt the blockchain space, with novel solutions aimed at fostering the much-needed interoperability of blockchains. The name of the project is Grandle Finance. …

In simple terms, Datum is a blockchain-based data storage and monetization platform. The aim is to make data trade-able and safe. Datum provides a distributed and decentralized NoSQL database that’s based on a blockchain ledger. This technology allows for anyone to back up their structured data in an anonymous, safe, and protected way. Then, Datum gives them a marketplace where they can sell or share data at their personal discretion.

Data; the new ‘oil’

“If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.” — Andrew Lewis, 2010. Currently, many companies such as Facebook, twitter or Google offer…

Banks and many financial institutions have a lot of bureaucracy in them. You will understand this better of you have requested for a loan before or tried any form of business with them. Lending is usually met with ridiculous charges that might end up frustrating the person. What about the excessively high commission fee?

It was in a bid to address this issues that the blockchain technology was invented. It was directed at breaking the monopoly of banks and other financial institutions. Hence, it hasn’t come as a surprise when many financial institutions adopted blockchain to execute their operations.



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